Man Cave

Skilsaw 7-1/4” Southpaw Sidewinder Saw

  Skilsaw 7-1/4” Southpaw Sidewinder Saw Video Review Thank you ProTool Reviews for this amazing Prize. It’s always fun seeing the Congratulations you’re our Contest winner in your inbox! It’s even better when you win something as great as the Skilsaw 7-1/4” Southpaw Sidewinder Saw. Watch our Short Review Video about Skilsaw 7-1/4” Southpaw Sidewinder Saw.  Don’t […]

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Kitchen Central

Grandma’s Chocolate Gravy

Growing up I use to go spend the weekends at my Grandma Chris’s houses. One of my fondest memories was her Chocolate Gravy over Biscuits, Pancakes or Waffles. Grandma Chris would get up before everyone and start breakfast. She almost always had a house full of grandkids. Sunday mornings she would make her special Chocolate Gravy. […]

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Diva Den


I am a lover of all handbags but this one is by far my favorite. The beauty and sophistication it brings to my wardrobe make it hands down the best Tote I now own. It’s a perfect size, color, and style for any outfit. The deep crimson lining adds a touch of glamour and class to […]

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Car Club

She Finally Got her Name

Introducing #Frost_Bite   I’ve held this under wraps for days now. It’s been super difficult seeing how I love to share my car on the web as much as I can. Well, we’ve spent a good deal of time getting some new things done on the car. I’m super proud to say that the things we’ve done […]

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