Kids Corner

ALEX Toys Little Hands My Creative Center

Repost from July 08, 2018 Alex Toys Little Hands Creative Center is the cutest little art table for the future artist in any family. The table can be used for kids for a wide range of ages. The two in the picture sitting at the table are 3 and 9 years old. The size of […]

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Diva Den

Blood Clot Awareness Month

March is blood clot awareness month. On average ONE person in the U.S. dies due to a clot every SIX minutes. #knowtherisk #stoptheclot #bloodclotawareness #bloodclotsurvivor #pulmonaryembolismawareness #pulmonaryembolismsurvivor #pesurvivor Learn more about Blood Clot Awareness      

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Kitchen Central

Easy Chili Recipe

I have made this chili before and it’s a family favorite. But we usually add some kind of meat to it. We have had it with lamb, pork and beef. But we were looking for something to make for the next time we went out to feed the homeless in our community that wasn’t expensive […]

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Car Club

We have added some new items to our Store!

We have added a few new items to our store. I wanted the women in our car club to have something they could wear to events so I designed a shirt/hoodie I thought they would enjoy. We went with Pink and Purple and added a fun “Twisted Chicks” logo. These are Limited Edition and once […]

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