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We Launched Twisted Nutz National Car Club Last Night….We are excited to see where this will go and even more excited to see what great fun and opportunities for the car enthusiast are ahead. If your Interested in joining or know anyone here is the link to our Facebook Group


A bit about the Club…..

Our mission statement.
As a national car club we are dedicated to bringing together all types of cars. A cross-breed of everything with wheels. We are founded on the idea of bringing together people who normally wouldn’t show out. No matter what level of custom you have, if it’s custom to you it’s custom to us. No bashing, no worrying who’s faster, just good fun and always the passion to help anyone that needs it.

The design idea brought forth by Twisted Nutz Car Club is to bring people out of the shadows and give everyone a chance to enjoy unity not just on social media but in person as well. We can all look at cars and trucks all day long on our phones and desktops. The whole point here is to get out and actually socialize. Go to a meet with other Twisted Nutz and show off your ride or your passion in person. It’s not about how much you spend or have spent, the concept is to show off the hard work your budget has allowed you to afford. We’re not about whose faster, who’s got more cf, or who spent more. This group of car and truck owners is based on uniting people who have something but don’t believe it’s enough to be in a club. If you have what you consider a bad ass ride you’re welcome to join us. There’s no judging, no bashing, no arguments about who spent more, just a bunch of Twisted Nutz hanging out and having fun. So join us here on social media and hope to see you in person one day at many events.

We are looking for members, Host/Recruiters from coast to coast.


So much going on!



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