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We did it! 1st Place!

April 8, 2019


We had the great honor to attend The Best Of Show Magazine Car Show in Merced California this past weekend. We were even more honored to host Sumer Edwards and Micheal Gilliand from Arizona and Jeff Cole from Bakersfield for the weekend. The 5 of us headed the show with Ed and Douglas from Stockton.  The show was professionally run and organized. It made it a fun and enjoyable day. The had nearly 600 entries of some of the most beautiful cars, trucks and motorcycles. Oh, let me not forget that the Artist Baby Bash performed center stage which I was lucky enough to get on stage during a performance and get a picture with.

At the end of the show, it was award and trophy time. We have been working nonstop for months to get cars ready for this summers events. Five of us rolled in and three of us were awarded. Three out of five is so amazing. We place 1st for Best Import, Sumer Edwards placed 2nd in Best Important and Douglas Williams place 1st in 2000’s muscle car. WOW! What a day for our club. We are so proud of everyone that went and we congratulate Sumer and Douglas!

No words will be able to describe everything we aw but pictures will tell the story~

enjoy some of our favorites from the days events!



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