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Franklin XT Batting Tee Set

March 16, 2019
On a Monday morning my Grandson Charlie had come to spend the day and PaPa had a surprise tucked away for him. To Charlie’s Delight, PaPa had bought him a Franklin XT Batting Tee Set from Walgreens a few nights prior. Since Little Charlie was mighty upset that his daddy had left, grandma sprung into action and did what grandmas do best…give them stuff! A Batting Tee Set to be exact! Charlie still a little on the upset side was not in the mood to go outside so we put it together and set it up in the hallway. Success! Smiles all around, from grandma too. 
The Franklin XT Batting Tee set was perfect for playing indoors with its foam ball and bat. It’s durable and sturdy for those high impact hits. The Stand is adjustable from 23 inches to 33 inches. Although we played inside I would recommend playing outside to prevent breaking anything. We have a very long hallway and I knew there was nothing that could get broken. 
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